Emerging Leaders in Engineering
05 November 2015
| By Archana Sankaranarayanan
Everyone who attended last month’s emerging leaders event at Coursera felt inspired to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Coursera initiated this event because we wanted to create a space for engineers to connect with female engineering...
How to Migrate React to Isomorphic Rendering
01 October 2015
| By Turadg Aleahmad
Coursera adopted isomorphic rendering in React and saw a 4x improvement in page load times. In our last post we discussed how to develop web apps with isomorphic rendering (aka universal Javascript, but how do you get from an existing...
A Summer of Work and Fun at Coursera
25 August 2015
| By Sidwyn Koh
Hello, fellow Coursera learners! I’m Sidwyn, a rising Computer Science junior at the University of California, Berkeley. This summer, I had the chance to embark on an exciting journey as an intern on the Content Experience and Teaching Product Team...
Why and How Coursera Does Isomorphic Javascript: A Fast and Snappy Quiz
18 August 2015
| By Turadg Aleahmad
Pop quiz! Have no fear; this will be the easiest Coursera quiz you ever take. Coursera’s home page is rendered by… your browser a server. a server and also your browser by the same code. microscopic monkeys squeezing the liquid...
The Life Of A Corgi At Coursera
11 August 2015
| By Stanley Fung
A typical day in the Dog House Hello world. My name is Stanley Fung and I am a student from the University of Waterloo. August 2015 marks the end of my second internship at Coursera and I felt compelled to...