Best Practices for Flow Typing React Components
01 June 2017
| By David Winegar
At Coursera, we use Flow to type our Javascript and catch mistakes at compile time. Flow has been enormously useful as a documentation tool and has increased the productivity of our frontend engineers. However, this tool can be tricky to...
Coursera Engineering Podcast Episode 1: Javascript Technologies with Jon Wong
11 May 2017
| By Lewis Chung
Today I’m excited to release the first episode of our engineering podcast! These podcasts will supplement our blog posts as another medium through which we can share the work we do at Coursera. Expect to get topics along the lines...
Learning Multiple Platforms @ Coursera
08 May 2017
| By Deepkanwal Plaha
I joined Coursera just over a year and a half ago as a new graduate software engineer. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work on three different platforms. I was hired as an iOS engineer, transitioned to Android...
Technology migrations: unglamorous obligation or an impactful opportunity?
03 March 2017
| By Nikhil Garg
This is a blog post about how we leveraged a technology migration opportunity to increase impact while staying excited, and emerging feeling proud of what we accomplished. It also gives a look into how Coursera’s core values a) Betterment b) Boldness c) Solidarity and d) Deep honesty guided us throughout.
How to run the perfect standup
21 February 2017
| By eleith
Running the perfect stand up has eluded me for many years. At Coursera, we find that being intentional and transparent into what our stand up is optimizing for, leads to better results.