4 Things I Learned While Building a Slackbot With AWS Lambda
17 February 2016
| By eleith
Lambda promises to simplify how we build services in the future. While building a slackbot internally for Coursera, I learned a few lessons about Lambda worth sharing.
6 Steps to i18n Success for Your Web App
20 January 2016
| By eleith
tl;dr: I recently spoke at html5devconf about how Coursera internationalizes (i18n) and localizes (i10n) our web app. This blog recaps the talk. Coursera’s has the mission to make online education as accessible and affordable as possible. Over half of our...
Scaling Content Production
10 January 2016
| By Geoffrey Yu, Colleen Lee
One of the challenges we face at Coursera is scaling our content production to help us onboard hundreds of great new courses and specializations. In fact, just a few months ago, we launched over 30 new specializations on our platform,...
Re-engineering the past for the future
11 November 2015
| By Alex Wang
Coursera’s take on bringing online education to the Apple TV When someone asks what I do, I tell them I develop for mobile. Generally, this is met with interest and curiosity — after all, we are tasked with the interesting...
How Coursera uses Swift
07 November 2015
| By Mustafa Furniturewala
Coursera provides universal access to the best education. The Coursera iOS app lets our learners all over the world take courses on the go. They can watch lectures, take quizzes, post questions on forums and use other features to learn....