Mobilizing at Coursera
10 August 2015
| By Mike Luo
Hello world. My name is Mike Luo and this is my story as an intern at Coursera. I first heard about Coursera from my good friend Jason, who was also a past intern. I was immediately sold on the Coursera...
Improving Coursera Global Site Performance: A Head to Head CDN Battle with Production Traffic
09 July 2015
| By Brennan Saeta, Frank Chen
In order to fulfill our mission of universal access to the world’s best education, our learning platform must be fast and reliable throughout the globe. Because more than 60% of our learners come from outside North America, we use a...
Flexbox @ Work
23 June 2015
| By Archana Sankaranarayanan
tl;dr Flexbox Examples from Coursera: I compiled a list of flexbox CSS rule sets vendor-prefixed and with examples to help you get started As front end developers, we encounter problems everyday with laying things out: horizontal alignment, vertical...
Why we’re open sourcing a project before we write the code
18 May 2015
| By Joe Betz
Today I’m proud to announce that we’ve open sourced Courier! A Scala library for– Wait, hold on, let me back up a bit. The thing is, we’re just starting development on Courier now. There’s nothing for you to download. Nothing...
Rapidash: Faster frontend development
12 May 2015
| By Brennan Saeta
Coursera engineering believes developer productivity is second only to site availability, and therefore we consistently invest in tools to accelerate the pace of innovation. The faster our engineers can launch and iterate, the better we can make the Coursera learning...