Becoming Bilingual @ Coursera
16 March 2016
| By Brice Pollock
Halfway through my HCI degree I "saw the light" and moved from a flip phone to an Apple iPhone in 2010 despite being notoriously cheap. The following year I wrote my first iOS app for the device. Since then I’ve worked at Apple in the iOS division for two and a half years, watched every Apple keynote, been developing in Swift pre-1.0 and worked on Coursera’s iOS app while releasing another iOS app on the side... So why have I been working on Android in Java for the last nine months?
Why Data Science Needs Diversity
11 March 2016
| By Emily Sands
Emily Glassberg Sands, Data Science Manager — #WomenInTech Week at Coursera I’ve always liked math, more for the problems it could solve than for the theory itself. As a child, I loved word problems – shortest paths, miles to the...
“Yes You Can” - Empowering Women Through Education
11 March 2016
| By Priya Gupta
Priya Gupta, Software Engineer, Learning Experience — #WomenInTech Week at Coursera I was lucky to grow up in a family in India in which a girl’s education and success was as important as a boy’s. We were a middle class...
Finding My Community: From Math Olympiads to Coursera
11 March 2016
| By Colleen Lee
Colleen Lee, Software Engineer, Content Experience & Teaching — #WomenInTech Week at Coursera Growing up, I didn’t feel much of my identity was rooted in being female or pursuing particularly feminine pastimes. I was a child who loved math, played...
Overcoming Stereotypes in Tech
11 March 2016
| By Richa Khandelwal
Richa Khandelwal, Software Engineer, Growth — #WomenInTech Week at Coursera In school, I was lucky to have access to computer classes, and I really enjoyed programming. So when the time came for me to think about my career path, it...