Best Practices for Flow Typing React Components
01 June 2017
| By David Winegar
At Coursera, we use Flow to type our Javascript and catch mistakes at compile time. Flow has been enormously useful as a documentation tool and has increased the productivity of our frontend engineers. However, this tool can be tricky to...
How to Migrate React to Isomorphic Rendering
01 October 2015
| By Turadg Aleahmad
Coursera adopted isomorphic rendering in React and saw a 4x improvement in page load times. In our last post we discussed how to develop web apps with isomorphic rendering (aka universal Javascript, but how do you get from an existing...
Why and How Coursera Does Isomorphic Javascript: A Fast and Snappy Quiz
18 August 2015
| By Turadg Aleahmad
Pop quiz! Have no fear; this will be the easiest Coursera quiz you ever take. Coursera’s home page is rendered by… your browser a server. a server and also your browser by the same code. microscopic monkeys squeezing the liquid...
Make editing courses on Coursera fun!
31 March 2015
| By Ankit Ahuja
We recently launched the next generation of authoring tools for instructors, instructional designers and teaching staff at our Partners Conference. To accomplish this, we made use of several open-source projects including React.js as the UI library, Flux as the application...