open source

4 Things I Learned While Building a Slackbot With AWS Lambda
17 February 2016
| By eleith
Lambda promises to simplify how we build services in the future. While building a slackbot internally for Coursera, I learned a few lessons about Lambda worth sharing.
Why we’re open sourcing a project before we write the code
18 May 2015
| By Joe Betz
Today I’m proud to announce that we’ve open sourced Courier! A Scala library for– Wait, hold on, let me back up a bit. The thing is, we’re just starting development on Courier now. There’s nothing for you to download. Nothing...
Using and Contributing to Open Source at Coursera
08 September 2014
| By eleith
At Coursera, we stand on the shoulders of many great open source projects like Scala, Django, Nginx, Ubuntu and countless other libraries and tools. This allows us to focus on what we want to do best: build the best online...