Best Practices for Flow Typing React Components
01 June 2017
| By David Winegar
At Coursera, we use Flow to type our Javascript and catch mistakes at compile time. Flow has been enormously useful as a documentation tool and has increased the productivity of our frontend engineers. However, this tool can be tricky to...
Rapidash: Faster frontend development
12 May 2015
| By Brennan Saeta
Coursera engineering believes developer productivity is second only to site availability, and therefore we consistently invest in tools to accelerate the pace of innovation. The faster our engineers can launch and iterate, the better we can make the Coursera learning...
Efficient Front-end Development at Coursera
07 November 2014
| By Jon Wong
As a front-end developer, you find yourself mucking around in the browser. A lot. Whether its ironing out interaction flows, figuring out transition durations, or making sure your API calls are valid, the browser is your battleground; anything that takes...