Building Smarter Search
31 January 2017
| By Airong Cai, Yan Huang
Check out the TechCrunch article about this topic! How we’re using crowdsourcing and data science to improve course discovery on Coursera Here at Coursera, we care deeply about connecting learners with the right educational content to reach their goals. The...
Active Learning Experiences with Code Executable Blocks
30 September 2016
| By Christine Wong
We are working on a number of exciting innovations at Coursera to better enable our university and industry partners to build rich learning experiences that help learners achieve their goals. Last week, we began a small but exciting pilot for...
Talks @ Coursera - A/B Testing @ Internet Scale
11 September 2014
| By Roshan Sumbaly
Being a data driven company, we at Coursera appreciate the importance of being able to A/B test various hypotheses. At any given time, we’ll be running various tests on the site and analyzing results to pick the winning variants. These...