Building Smarter Search
31 January 2017
| By Airong Cai, Yan Huang
Check out the TechCrunch article about this topic! How we’re using crowdsourcing and data science to improve course discovery on Coursera Here at Coursera, we care deeply about connecting learners with the right educational content to reach their goals. The...
Call for Papers: NIPS 2016 Workshop on Machine Learning for Education
22 August 2016
| By Jiquan Ngiam
Machine Learning for Education We are excited to co-organize a workshop at NIPS 2016 on applications of machine learning towards education. We are looking for contributions to the workshop and welcome you to join us at NIPS! Workshop Summary The...
Analytics at Coursera: three years later
14 May 2016
| By Chuong (Tom) Do
What is it like to work in the Analytics organization at Coursera? Three years ago, I wrote a Quora answer describing what was then the Analytics engineering team at Coursera. In this post, I'll describe where we are today and provide some reflections on the past and future of Analytics at Coursera.
Why Data Science Needs Diversity
11 March 2016
| By Emily Sands
Emily Glassberg Sands, Data Science Manager — #WomenInTech Week at Coursera I’ve always liked math, more for the problems it could solve than for the theory itself. As a child, I loved word problems – shortest paths, miles to the...
Redshift SSD Benchmark
19 December 2014
| By Jason Shao
Our warehouse runs completely on Redshift, and query performance is extremely important to us. Earlier this year, the AWS team announced the release of SSD instances for Amazon Redshift. Is the extra CPU truly worth it? We do a lot...
Bringing Data To Teaching
19 November 2014
| By Joshua Horowitz
When an instructor teaches a class on Coursera, they get to make a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of learners all around the world. This broad reach is a huge attraction for teachers. But we think the benefits of...
Long-running jobs at Coursera
17 November 2014
| By Colleen Lee
Out with the old… In the early days of Coursera, we had a variety of long-running jobs needed to support our platform, such as batch email sending, class-wide quiz regrades, gradebook exports for our instructors, and more. This resulted in...
Talks @ Coursera – Counting at Scale with Scalding and Algebird
23 October 2014
| By Daniel Chia
Data plays an important role at Coursera. We use data to improve our learner experience, gather insights in MOOC pedagogy, and provide instructors insight into their courses via our instructor dashboards. The data infrastructure team at Coursera seeks to provide...
Coursera's Adoption of Cassandra
23 September 2014
| By Daniel Chia
Like many startups, Coursera began its data storage journey with MySQL, a familiar and industry-proven database. As Coursera’s user base grew from several thousand to many millions, we found that MySQL provided limited availability and restricted our ability to scale...
Talks @ Coursera - A/B Testing @ Internet Scale
11 September 2014
| By Roshan Sumbaly
Being a data driven company, we at Coursera appreciate the importance of being able to A/B test various hypotheses. At any given time, we’ll be running various tests on the site and analyzing results to pick the winning variants. These...
What about the women?
09 March 2014
| By Emma Pierson, Chuong (Tom) Do
“Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process.” (from International Conference on Population and Development) Today, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we...