Building Smarter Search
31 January 2017
| By Airong Cai, Yan Huang
Check out the TechCrunch article about this topic! How we’re using crowdsourcing and data science to improve course discovery on Coursera Here at Coursera, we care deeply about connecting learners with the right educational content to reach their goals. The...
Breaking Up Our JavaScript Monolith with Rapidos
15 December 2016
| By Evan Yeung
The frontend infrastructure team at Coursera works hard to make developers as productive as possible. This includes keeping up with the latest and greatest tools and libraries, but also means making builds and deploys as fast and painless as possible....
Should engineering managers write code? Wrong question.
01 December 2016
| By eleith
Engineering managers tend to ask "how much could should I write?". However, that question distracts from the intent of why managers want to write code to begin with. Instead, engineering managers should ask "Where should I write code?".
Why UI Developers Love GraphQL
23 November 2016
| By Jon Wong
A tech talk given at Coursera about why UI developers love GraphQL.
On Sponsoring ACM-ICPC's Pacific Northwest Regional Contest
11 November 2016
| By Andy Nguyen
This past weekend, the ACM-ICPC Pacific Northwest region (among others) held a 5-hour-long team programming contest to decide which universities will compete at the World Finals in Rapid City, South Dakota, this May. Coursera has been a proud sponsor of...