Using and Contributing to Open Source at Coursera
08 September 2014
| By eleith
At Coursera, we stand on the shoulders of many great open source projects like Scala, Django, Nginx, Ubuntu and countless other libraries and tools. This allows us to focus on what we want to do best: build the best online...
A Coursera Experience: From Learner to Intern
28 August 2014
| By Jonathan Zong
Jonathan is a student from Texas who loves to learn. He joins the Coursera infrastructure team as a software engineering intern this summer between graduating from high school and starting freshman year at Princeton. In his spare time, he loves...
My internship at Coursera
14 August 2014
| By Shadaj Laddad
Editor’s Note: Meet Shadaj Laddad, one of Coursera’s summer interns. In this expository blog post, Shadaj shares the day-to-day adventures of working at Coursera this summer. Thank you for all your hard work, Shadaj. We will miss you!! This summer,...
HTTP Live Streaming at Coursera: Education at your Fingertips
26 June 2014
| By Jon Wong
Learners on Coursera spend the majority of their time on the site watching videos, a format that allows Coursera’s partner universities to educate at scale. These videos range from thirty-second snippets to hour-long debates and presented interesting challenges in preparing...
Defining Culture
27 May 2014
| By Jiquan Ngiam
Engineering values at Coursera We have been having discussions on the engineering team on code quality, which turned into higher level discussions on our culture and values. As we are maturing as an organization, these discussions are important to help...