Coursera Engineering Open House
04 November 2014
If you’ve been following our engineering blog (or just happened to stop by), and are interested in learning more about engineering at Coursera, please join us on Thursday November 6th for Coursera’s engineering open house. Throughout the night, you’ll have...
Writing a Custom Control for iOS 8 using Swift and Auto Layout
29 October 2014
| By Brice Pollock
Here at Coursera, every new line of code we write for iOS is in Swift. As a result, I’ve written a few custom controls lately in Swift using Auto Layout and iOS 8’s new IBDesignable/IBInspectable attributes which are supposed to...
Talks @ Coursera – Counting at Scale with Scalding and Algebird
23 October 2014
| By Daniel Chia
Data plays an important role at Coursera. We use data to improve our learner experience, gather insights in MOOC pedagogy, and provide instructors insight into their courses via our instructor dashboards. The data infrastructure team at Coursera seeks to provide...
Coursera's Adoption of Cassandra
23 September 2014
| By Daniel Chia
Like many startups, Coursera began its data storage journey with MySQL, a familiar and industry-proven database. As Coursera’s user base grew from several thousand to many millions, we found that MySQL provided limited availability and restricted our ability to scale...
Talks @ Coursera - A/B Testing @ Internet Scale
11 September 2014
| By Roshan Sumbaly
Being a data driven company, we at Coursera appreciate the importance of being able to A/B test various hypotheses. At any given time, we’ll be running various tests on the site and analyzing results to pick the winning variants. These...