Redshift SSD Benchmark
19 December 2014
| By Jason Shao
Our warehouse runs completely on Redshift, and query performance is extremely important to us. Earlier this year, the AWS team announced the release of SSD instances for Amazon Redshift. Is the extra CPU truly worth it? We do a lot...
Bringing Data To Teaching
19 November 2014
| By Joshua Horowitz
When an instructor teaches a class on Coursera, they get to make a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of learners all around the world. This broad reach is a huge attraction for teachers. But we think the benefits of...
Long-running jobs at Coursera
17 November 2014
| By Colleen Lee
Out with the old… In the early days of Coursera, we had a variety of long-running jobs needed to support our platform, such as batch email sending, class-wide quiz regrades, gradebook exports for our instructors, and more. This resulted in...
Coursera Engineering Open House: Update
15 November 2014
We’d like to thank everyone who made it to Coursera last Thursday for our open house. We had a great time answering questions, introducing everyone to Coursera’s culture, and sharing the mission behind our company. If you weren’t able to...
Efficient Front-end Development at Coursera
07 November 2014
| By Jon Wong
As a front-end developer, you find yourself mucking around in the browser. A lot. Whether its ironing out interaction flows, figuring out transition durations, or making sure your API calls are valid, the browser is your battleground; anything that takes...